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Case Results


Successful Case Results at Nelson & Rozier, LLP in Visalia, California


I am John L. Rozier, a personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of experience providing effective, compassionate representation. On this page, you can find brief descriptions of a few of the successful results I have achieved since I began handling personal injury claims with Nelson & Rozier, LLP in Visalia, California.


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Woodlake Avenue 336 and Road 168: Four people died in this collision because a stop sign was misplaced and covered by orange tree branches. As a result of these cases a 4-way stop sign has now been put in place and a large settlement was reached.


Farm Show Day: An exhibitor at the Tulare County Farm Show took a variety of pills and smoked some Marijuana before running a stop sign while traveling 80 miles per hour in the wrong direction near Hanford, causing an accident and a fatality. We were able to demonstrate that she was on the job at the time of the accident and that her employer had responsibility for the claim.


Cell Phone Use: A gentleman was talking on his cell phone when he ran a red light. My clients were crossing the intersection. As a result of this broadside collision, a nine-year-old was ejected, crushed under the vehicle and killed. We established that failure to wear a seatbelt was minimal in comparison to talking on the cell phone and a large settlement resulted. Undisclosed Settlement


Rolling Crane: Our client was erecting a slab of pre-stressed concrete just north of Visalia in the industrial park when a multi-ton rolling crane ran over his foot. We were able to guide him through the workers compensation system, assist him in obtaining social security disability and in negotiating for a large structured settlement to pay him a monthly wage for the remainder of his life. Lifetime Annuity


Big Rig Accident: Two farm produce haulers were barreling northbound on Highway 99 near Merced when one vehicle made a sudden lane change in front of my client. My client was run off the road and fractured his spine. We were able to show that this was a hit and run accident although there had been no contact between the vehicles. A substantial settlement resulted. $375,000


Brain Damage: Mr. Will was driving a farm vehicle service truck north of Visalia when four farm laborers in their employer's truck ran a stop sign at full speed. Mr. Will's mental capacity was severely affected and a large monthly settlement was negotiated. Lifetime Annuity


In Utero Injury: Our pregnant client was hit by a water truck near Lindsay resulting in injury to her unborn child. We were able to demonstrate the connection to the accident and a large recovery resulted. $766,196


Highway 41 Accident: A family on the way to the family house in Cambia hydroplaned across Highway 41 and struck two vehicles. Our client was in the second vehicle. She witnessed the death of her niece and also shattered her foot. We were able to show that the California Department of Transportation was liable for an improper slope in the roadway which was noted in their own documents. $582,500


Merced Restaurant: Our elderly client fell while exiting a Merced restaurant and fractured her arm. We were able to prove a building code violation in reference to a handrail and recover for her loss. $55,000


Wal-Mart: Again this case involved an elderly female who this time was shopping after church on a Sunday for a toy for her grandchild. She fell over some merchandise that had been left protruding into the aisle. Initially Wal-Mart took the position that merchandise is never stacked on the floor. After several visits to the store to photograph their constant state of upheaval and chaos, the case settled. $115,000


Fast Food Restaurant: Here the defect was a steep drop-off around a blind corner with no rail. Again, we were able to bring about a fair settlement.


Motorcycle Accident: Our client was riding his motorcycle westbound on Mineral King in Visalia just east of Highway 198 when an elderly gentleman exiting the freeway cut across 3 lanes of traffic to make a right turn directly into his path. Severe injuries resulted. We demonstrated that the California Vehicle code requires a right turn from the lane farthest to the right and that therefore the driver was in violation of the law.


Bicycle Accident: Our client was commuting home on his bicycle one night when he was picked off on the shoulder of the road by a driver who once again claimed that the bike "came out of nowhere." Our client mangled his fingers in the accident and required several surgeries. We were able to establish the negligence of the driver. $50,000


Unruly Dogs: Our client was riding his bicycle along the St. John's Parkway in Visalia when a dog got under his wheels causing him to fall. The dog was running loose in violation of Visalia's leash ordinance and a recovery resulted. $25,000


Note: Past successes are not a guarantee of a future result. Results will vary depending on the circumstances of your case.